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"As a solar consultant I consider myself more of an educator than a sales person. Whether it's a large commercial job or a small residence, I take the same approach with my clients: gather information on what they need, educate them on the process, and offer the best solar solutions."

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Because commercial solar projects can be more complicated than a typical residential installation, I offer comprehensive services to insure my client’s satisfaction, including:


Educating my clients on commercial electrical rates including load and demand charges. 


Making recommendations for the best solar solutions, including changing rate schedules if necessary to reduce or eliminate load and demand charges. 


Examining the existing electrical situation which includes checking out BUS, breaker, and wire sizes to determine if a panel upgrade is needed. 


Locating and examining the electrical transformer for the property to determine the maximum amount of solar that can be added and to see if a transformer upgrade will be needed. 


Educate commercial customers who lease their buildings about how adding solar benefits both the landlord and tenant. 


Prepare 25-year cash flow analysis spreadsheets that show estimated payback period and ROI.

All of my solar projects are installed by the experts at CalSun Electric & Solar Systems, located in Paso Robles. CalSun's low-overhead and non-corporate approach to solar sales allows me to offer professional solar services at hard-to-beat prices. Combined with their efficient and experienced installation crew, I'm proud to be a part of the CalSun team. 


Ready to get started? Contact me today for an in-depth analysis of your solar project. 805.468.9030

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