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I offer solar consultations, proposals and installation services for residential, commercial and agricultural projects throughout San Luis Obispo county and beyond. Regardless of size and location, I take the same approach with all of my clients: gather information on what they need, educate them on the process, and offer the best solar solutions.

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Solar Services

Your consultation begins with an full analysis of your electricity bill, electrical usage, and property to ensure the right size system for your current and future energy needs. 


Whether rooftop, ground mount, or raised mount, we secure all necessary permits and prepare a unique solar system design that will provide you with the best financial return possible.

Need financing? No problem! I work with several reputable financial institutions to get you the best rate available.

Along the way to installation, you'll be kept in the loop of your solar project's status including equipment delivery and installation date. 

Once installed, I meet with the inspectors to sign off on the project. And finally, keep you informed as to when PG&E will give you Permission to Operate (PTO).

I will also show you how to use the online monitoring tools so you can keep tabs on your solar system's performance.

Because commercial solar projects can often be more complicated than a typical residential solar installation, I offer the following comprehensive services to insure my client’s satisfaction:

Educate my clients on commercial electrical rates including load and demand charges. 


Make recommendations for the best solar solutions, including changing rate schedules if necessary to reduce or eliminate load and demand charges. 


Examine the existing electrical situation which includes checking out BUS, breaker, and wire sizes to determine if a panel upgrade is needed. 


Locate and examine the electrical transformer for the property to determine the maximum amount of solar that can be added and to see if a transformer upgrade will be needed. 


Educate commercial clients who lease their buildings about how adding solar benefits both the landlord and tenant. 


Prepare 25-year cash flow analysis spreadsheets that show estimated payback period and ROI.

Commercial Solar Project Management

Solar Services

I also offer additional solar consultation services:


If you own a business and would like to look into the feasibility of adding solar, I can help.


If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person who would like to install their own system and needs advice on equipment and system sizing, I can help.


If you're a Realtor® who is selling a home with solar and need advice on how much to add to the cost of the home, I can help.




I'm available for speaking engagements and presentations on solar for your networking or professional group, including:




Homeowner's Associations

Neighborhood Groups

Charitable Foundations

I will tailor the presentation to cover any and all solar questions your group has. Contact me today to schedule.


Solar Presentations

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